Bull Run Greenway Final Plan

Here are links giving access to the draft final plan for the Bull Run Greenway and Masterplanning Project.  They are now being made publicly available (here) and circulated to the LNC Board, the Lewisburg Borough Council, and the Greenway Plan Study Committee.  The plan was originally scheduled to be formally presented to the Borough Council during their January Work Session, but has been postponed to a special March Work Session on Thursday, March 31, at 7pm, in the Borough Council Chamber.  Work Sessions are open to the public, but just be aware that there is limited seating.

The general public is welcome to review the documents now, attend the public presentation on April 2, and submit comments (email to elmstreet@dejazzd.com, mail to LNC, P.O. Box 298, Lewisburg, PA  17837, or call 570-523-0114).  

Bucknell has also agreed to host a public presentation in Larison Hall, the same place the Greenway Planning Charrette took place in fall of 2015.  That will take place on Sunday, April 2, at 2:30pm in Larison Hall at Bucknell University (on St George St).  A walking tour of the site will follow, roughly at 4pm, starting from Larison.  For people unable to access the materials online, attending the presentation at Larison Hall will provide an excellent opportunity for review.  The presentation has also been advertised as part of the Linn Conservancy Caring for Communities schedule of events, fitting as it does into the theme of environmental conservation and stewardship.

Probably one of the most exciting aspects of the Greenway Plan is the success we’ve had in securing funding already for the first phase implementation, dubbed the Kidsburg Recreation Initiative, which focuses on the site south of St Louis St, between the east side of S 6th St and the railroad tracks.  This portion of the project will offer an innovative integration of stream restoration, multi-age recreation space, and stormwater management.  Thanks to all of the community members who have given generously of their time and interest in order work towards a coherent vision for this central downtown public space.

Documents available for download (reduced from print resolution to maintain reasonable file sizes):

Bull Run Greenway Master Plan Presentation – March 2017 (9M)

Bull Run Greenway Report 030217 – Low Resolution (10M)

Master Site Plan South – 50 Scale – 030317 (1.8M)

Master Site Plan North – 50 Scale – 030317 (1.4M)

Bull Run Watershed Action Plan (10M) (This is the parallel, multi-municipal NFWF-funded study looking at the entire watershed.)