Bike Survey 2017 Update

A decade ago, the Lewisburg Borough Traffic Advisory Committee conducted a survey of people who bike and people who would like to bike “if only…” in the Lewisburg area.  In the intervening years…

  • the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail has come on line,
  • the Penn House Commons development has gone in,
  • the Lewisburg Area High School has move out of town, and
  • bike culture has changed and evolved. 

In addition, the Traffic Committee and the East Buffalo Bike Ped Committee have ceased to operate and Walk It! Bike It! Lewisburg has come into existence, looking to address issues beyond individual municipal confines.

You can look at the results from the earlier survey in this summary (2006 bike demand summary2) and this compilation (2006 bike survey compilation).

You can also participate in the updating.  We are in the process of reviewing and revising the survey form and may hold focus groups to help refine the questions.  Then it will be a matter of seeing if it can be brought into the 20-teens in an online format.

If you’re anxious to do some questionnaire work right now, there just happen to be two online quizzes put out on facebook by PennDOT right now, one on bike safety and one on pedestrian safety.  How well do you know your Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code?  Interestingly, these quizzes are designed to collect insights for PennDOT to use in deciding how to enhance the Drivers’ Licensing Exam with questions focused on bike/ped relevant law.  You don’t even need a facebook account to complete the quizzes.  Here is the bike safety quiz and here’s the pedestrian safety quiz (mostly a crosswalk quiz and with tricky wording — read it carefully!).