You can consult this compilation electronic calendar and even subscribe to it if you use google calendar.  Or scroll down for a full listing of a year’s worth of events and activities.


2017 AT A GLANCE (plus a hint of 2018)



4, Sat, 2pm, St George St Boat Ramp, Polar Bear Plunge (Note 2018 date:  Feb 3)

28, T, 7pm, William Cameron Engine Company Training Facility, Floodplain Public Information Session



14, T, 7-9pm, Borough Council Chamber, Bull Run Greenway Proposed Final Plan Presentation to Council

31, F, 3-6pm, Hufnagle Park, Bull Run Neighborhood Community Cleanup


April – (also see Linn Conservancy Caring for Communities event calendar)

2, S, 2:30, Larison Hall, Bull Run Greenway Public Presentation

2, S, 4, meet at Larison Hall, Bull Run Greenway Site Tour

7, F, 3-5, Hufnagle (Kidsburg), Bank Clean Up

8, Sat, 10-12, Earl’s Bicycle Store, BVRT Clean Up

20, Th, 5-7pm, St George St Boat Ramp, Riparian Buffer Planting

23, Sun, 1-5, River Road from Wolfe Field to RiverWoods, River Road Holiday

29, Sat, 10-5, Lewisburg Arts Festival, Bike Valet at Mifflinburg Bank Parking Lot,  WIBI/RTT tabling



6 (confirm?), Sat, 8-12, Lewisburg Community Garden, Spring Plant Sale

17, W, 5:30-7:30, Picnic in the Park, Soldiers Memorial Park



5, Sun, 1-5, Preserve, Protect, Play CommUnity Zone Event – Hufnagle Park

12-19, Sun-Sun, all day, Laceyville to Sunbury, North Branch Sojourn River Trip with SGP


July –

No events



26, Sat, 10-2, In-River Clean Up, Soldiers Memorial Park and St George St Boat Ramp (preferred option)