Clean Up Taking Place Nov 12!



As the leaves change and eventually come off the trees, we see their underlying stark beauty.  Unfortunately other underlying things become evident as well – like litter left lying in the leaves.  The Lewisburg Neighborhoods Corporation and the Lewisburg River Town Team will be holding a fall Community Cleanup on Sunday, October 29, November 12, from 2 to 4pm.  We will meet at Kidsburg in Hufnagle Park.  From there volunteers will spread out and pick up trash.  This will include going along the creek, the rail road tracks (by special permission for this afternoon only), and the new section of rail trail.  In the event of thunder or serious rain, the rain date will be Sunday, November 12, also at 2pm.  If it is merely drizzling, the clean up will continue as scheduled.

You never know what you'll find...

You never know what you’ll find…

This event will be part of the River Town Team effort and under the umbrella of the International Coastal Clean Up which encourages communities all across the globe to minimize the oceans’ waste burden.  This winds up being a good match for the River Town Team which focuses on the river and impacts to it — while that coast and those oceans may seem distant, it’s very immediate trash that we’re sending into our friendly neighborhood waterways.

The areas we will be cleaning are tied to the river, either by being in the immediate watershed or being part of a connector to the river (the rail trail).  It’s all connected to a functional and recreational network – or, given some of the gaps that exist, someday hopes to be connected.

During cleanups conducted in the community earlier this year, volunteers scoured the creeks, stream banks, and even the riverbed in Lewisburg.  This fall outing will not involve any dunking like the In River Cleanup from August.  Instead we will take advantage on land of the window of opportunity between when the leaves fall and the snow begins.  It will be the perfect time to extract litter that has lodged itself in the underbrush.

Community members of all ages (children under 12 should be accompanied by an adult) are invited to volunteer their time for the afternoon and help keep our town, our waterways, and our world clean.  Participants will be provided with snacks, equipment and directions at that point.  The total area covered will depend on the number of volunteers available.  Participants should dress for the weather and the activity.  Long pants and long sleeves will protect from thorns and rough underbrush.  Avoid wearing knits which catch burrs and thorns.  And consider pulling back or covering long hair to protect it as well.  Sturdy footwear is recommended.  We will have gloves, trash bags, buckets, and some trash grabbers, but participants are also welcome to bring their own.  Even if the weather has cooled off by then, consider bringing a water bottle and wearing sunscreen.

An RSVP is helpful but not required.  For more information, contact the LNC at 570-523-0114 and, or look for us on facebook at On the River — Lewisburg.