LNC making an impact in Lewisburg neighborhoods

Development Concept Plan (1024x950) (640x594)The LNC has worked very closely with neighborhood residents and the Borough of Lewisburg to bring about two significant streetscape improvement projects within the Bull Run Neighborhood.  Improvements have been completed along both South 5th and South 7th Streets. These improvements include repaving, streetlights, street trees, curbs, sidewalks and utilities and came in at a cost of nearly two million dollars.  The costs were born by the Elm Street Program grant funding from the Department of Community and Economic Development, the Borough, Bucknell University and neighborhood property owners. The project budgets also included monies for neighborhood facade improvements; these matching funds are granted to property owners to make street-side facade improvements to their homes.   The goal is to encourage reinvestment in neighborhood housing stock.

Additionally, the LNC has worked closely with the Borough, property owners, and PEMA (Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency) and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to acquire ten flood-prone neighborhood properties.  The targeted properties have been flooded repeatedly over the year and present a

S 6th Street / Bull Run Alley

serious threat to life and property.  The acquisition project has been approved for funding — at a level of nearly three million dollars.  This is a hazard mitigation project involving the demolition of the structures therein and returning the underlying land to open public space.  This project is slated to be completed in early 2015, with purchases and demolitions taking place during the summer months in 2013 and 2014.  The project is voluntary on the part of the property owners.  It will reduce the risk associated with flooding for the community and emergency response personnel, while also reducing the demand for recovery resources.  The property owners involved have been generous in their support of the effort and continue to work with various representatives to improve the quality of life in Lewisburg.