What Time Is It? Picnic Time!

The Lewisburg River Town Team is excited to once again invite the general public to help populate the park by the river with a Picnic in Park on Sunday, October 1, from 5:30 to 7:30pm, at Soldiers Memorial Park on N Water St in Lewisburg.  Anyone and everyone is invited.  Bring your own blanket and either bring your own picnic, pick up take-out, or get your picnic on site from a roster of soup chefs including Rachel Martine, Meg Martin, Susan Jordan, Mary Beth James, and Kyle Bray.  There will be a range of soups including classic vichyssoise and vegetarian/vegan.  Sides include bread, rice, hot sauce, olives, and coconut.  There is no charge for the food, but donations are appreciated (recommended donations:  $7/adult and $5/child).  And as always you can pack your own dinner.  We accept cash and also PayPal.  (Maybe even Venmo if that kicks into gear before next Wednesday.)  All proceeds from this event go to support River Town Team events and activities, like picnics, tours, plantings, and cleanups.

The Picnics to date have been successful and well-received.  This time, invite your neighbors and friends.  If you’re on facebook, share this announcement or share the post of the flyer.

And above all, hope for decent weather.  If the weather is nice enough we may reprise the slackline activity we set up during past Arts Festivals!

The River Town Team is all about improving our connections to the river, both physically and culturally.  There are many opportunities throughout the year.  So far this year, we’ve had the Polar Bear Plunge which brought people to and even put bodies in the river.  And then we held several stream bank clean ups, which worked to intercept litter in its path to the sea.  And we held two lovely River Road Holidays along the river both north and south of Lewisburg, letting people enjoy spaces that usually just have cars whizzing through.  Plus our in-river cleanup…

Now we’re ready for a pleasant and relaxing evening on the banks of the river on a fall day.


During the picnic, there is on-street parking available along Water Street, Market Street and in the neighborhood.  The crosswalk at St John St is the easiest way to access the park on foot from the neighborhood.  There are restrooms available at the First Presbyterian Church, half a block away up Cherry Alley.  In the event of rain, the picnic will be called off, but we will still be offering quarts of soup for take-out.  If the weather looks iffy, please check facebook for updates at On the River — Lewisburg.

This event is intended to bring more people to this often underutilized space along the Susquehanna in Lewisburg and highlight efforts the Lewisburg River Town Team is undertaking to enhance the Borough’s connections to the river.  In the years since the Susquehanna Greenway Partnership granted Lewisburg formal River Town designation, the group has established a calendar of events for the year, held multiple public planning meetings, and recommended a watershed management and maintenance plan be developed for the Borough.  The goal is to improve the physical and cultural connections between the river and the community.  While Lewisburg is clearly a town on a river, that fact is often overlooked and rarely celebrated.  This Picnic in the Park is one piece of bringing people to the river.  If you’d like to participate in any part of the initiative, sign up for the email list to hear about what’s coming up, just call 570-523-0114 or email elmstreet@dejazzd.com to get on the list.