Lewisburg Area Candidate Voices on Walking and Biking Fall 2017

Walk It! Bike It! sent three questions to all municipal and school board candidates on the ballot in the Lewisburg Area School District.  That includes East Buffalo Township, Kelly Township, Lewisburg Borough, and Union Township.  The candidates have also been invited to attend a Meet & Greet this Thursday evening at Earl's Bicycle Store in … [Read more...]

Responding to Truck Traffic in Lewisburg

Walk It! Bike It! Lewisburg joins the chorus of people calling for a response to the increase in truck traffic in Lewisburg arising from road construction detours elsewhere in the Valley.  Rather than telling others, whether PennDOT or municipal officials or trucking companies, what they should do, we have some recommendations for what we can all do … [Read more...]

Wetland Walk

For the past two years, the River Town Team has organized tours of the newly created wetlands at the Penn House Commons development, adjacent to Giant grocery store.  We are glad to be able to announce a follow up tour to be held just upstream from the earlier tours on Saturday morning, October 21, at 10am.  We will meet at the pedestrian bridge … [Read more...]

Educated Voters + Educated Candidates = Good Community Outcomes

Walk It! Bike It! Lewisburg works on an ongoing basis to provide public input and background on walking and biking issues to public officials in the Lewisburg area.  Given our regular interface with municipalities and our efforts to coordinate with institutions like the public school system, it is part of our role as advocates on this issue to educate … [Read more...]

Coastal Clean Up — Here???

As the leaves change and eventually come off the trees, we see their underlying stark beauty.  Unfortunately other underlying things become evident as well – like litter left lying in the leaves.  The Lewisburg Neighborhoods Corporation and the Lewisburg River Town Team will be holding a fall Community Cleanup on Sunday, October 29, from 2 to … [Read more...]

Stay Off the Tracks! (Except During Our Cleanup)

When is it legal to walk on railroad tracks?  Only when you have the express permission of the owner/operator, are under oversight, and have signed an official liability waiver -- i.e., pretty much never.  Except for during the Community Cleanup we'll be doing on Sunday, October 29 from 2 to 4pm.  Come by Kidsburg in … [Read more...]

What Time Is It? Picnic Time!

The Lewisburg River Town Team is excited to once again invite the general public to help populate the park by the river with a Picnic in Park on Sunday, October 1, from 5:30 to 7:30pm, at Soldiers Memorial Park on N Water St in Lewisburg.  Anyone and everyone is invited.  Bring your own blanket and either bring your own picnic, pick up take-out, or … [Read more...]

Walk to School Day

Walk It! Bike It! Lewisburg is working hard on preparations for the local observance of International Walk (and Bike) to School Day in early October.  This is the 21st year for the global effort, but just the third time it's been pursued locally.  As with the last time in 2016, the local Walk to School Day will focus on the Linntown … [Read more...]

Walk the Walk — Drive the Drive

We all want a safer community.  Walk It! Bike It! Lewisburg has lots of ideas and requests to make of others -- whether that's the powers that be or visitors to the area -- but what can we do?  What should we be asking of ourselves?  What can we be doing right this minute?  A walkable town depends both on pedestrians being … [Read more...]

Tired of Tires?

We have fielded a number of responses to our Fall In-River Cleanups.  They seem to fall into three major categories: 1) Whoa, that's amazing.  Way to go! -- Thanks, we appreciate your support.  Consider participating in this or other River Town Team activities moving forward. 2)  Where did they all come from?  -- People … [Read more...]