They Pitched In So You Can Pitch In

AMP members showing off a recently placed recycling bin.

Have you seen the new recycling bins on Market Street?  It’s a huge new development.  And it wouldn’t have happened without the enthusiasm and dedication of some very young and very engaged local residents.  They form a group known as Active Millennials for Progress.  The recycling campaign is something they approached the Borough Council about in 2016.  They worked through various iterations of the project, sought out funding and worked with the LNC to make it a reality.  The key sponsors of the program include Custom Container Solutions, which provided 7 of the 8 containers, Hometown Disposal which has committed to service (i.e. empty) the bins regularly, and Bucknell University, which sponsored the bin directly outside their post office outpost.  The Borough crew helped the volunteers from AMP get the containers in place two weeks ago just in time for the Ice Festival.  The CommUnity Zone, which hosts AMP’s weekly meetings, and the Lewisburg Downtown Partnership are both proud of the initiative.

Typical contents of the meter-mounted trash cans all over Market St.

The bins are located along sidewalks on Market Street between 6th Street and 2nd Street.  They will accept single stream recyclables, which includes plastics numbered 1 through 7, metal, glass, paper and cardboard (though not if soiled by food).  The Borough also has ample trash bins to take the things that don’t belong in the recycling, i.e. food wrappers, straws, plastic bags, lids, etc.  And a quick scan of the typical haul from the trash containers shows that there are plenty of recyclable items in there to warrant the new option. 

Look for the blue REYCLING bins to complement the existing TRASH cans (a mix of green and parking meter-mounted bins).

The recycling bins are intended for placement of recyclable items acquired while downtown and we hope not to see them abused with domestic waste or the dreaded dog poop deposits!  (Please note they are also not for commercial use.  While businesses in the Borough are required to recycle by law, they should take their recyclables to the Borough recycling depot at Wolfe Field.  Their customers can certainly use the bins, but please no mass deposits of bottle or cups!)  Let’s show everyone Central PA knows how to recycle!

AMP has weekly Sunday evening meetings, at 7pm, at the CommUnity Zone on Market Street (adjacent to the Campus Theatre).  They are working on a variety of different initiatives now including promoting the adoption of Non-Discrimination Ordinances in local municipalities, educating about the history of the confederate flag, and working to improve access to and awareness of healthy, local foods in schools.


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