Connectivity: Where to Start?

WW suggestion box seesaw_Page_05We’ve been talking to the bike/ped-interested public and this is what we are hearing so far in terms of what people’s concerns and interests are.  At the same time, we are working on reaching out to various municipalities, community entities and institutions and we will want to review this priority list with them and incorporate their input and perspectives.

We also have some internal to do lists stacking up.  To that end, the next Connectivity or Bike/Ped Advocacy meeting will be on Friday, March 4, at 8am, in the Council Chamber and it will be on the topic of clarifying the group’s name, vision and mission.  That will help us as we move ahead to outreach.  The calendar moving forward also looks like the April meeting will be on crosswalk laws, compliance, and enforcement, and the May meeting will be on interacting with the school district.  June will focus on lining up articles (and authors) for communicating the local relevance, importance, and nuances of the topic.

This list is of course still a draft version.  Just today, topics in the meeting extended to items not even on the list:  a map, bike racks, surveying (and reaching out) to businesses and other members of the public…

bp map all no labelIndependent of those additions, here’s the most recent version of the Draft Priority List.  It is for now still following the same format with the broad headings of Awareness, Advocacy and Improvements.  As we move forward, we are recognizing that while this may be the order of priority (crowd-sourced), there will be some areas where we may find lower hanging fruit than others.  In fact, at the moment, none of the Improvements listed sound like low hanging fruit.  And there may be more specific interest in engaging in some activities than others by participants.  So, it’s good to know the priorities, but we are also going to be moving into work plans for the do-able.




  1. Improve compliance with yield to peds at non-signalized intersections
  2. Provide pedestrian and bike education and safety programs in the schools
  3. Increase local awareness of ped/bike importance, value, range of issues
  4. Provide online maps/tours (images and GIS/apps) and physical signage to connect trail to campus or trail to river
  5. Promote Walk/Bike to School days
  6. Stage additional Road Holidays
  7. Organize Bike to Work Day


  1. Reach out to Police, create alliance/shared vision
  2. Work together with School District
  3. Submit articles to paper and online about general topic and relevance
  4. Keep interested people informed about local events/issues as well as national information
  5. Educate about what the law is and what that translates to in terms of action
  6. Educate people about options – where, when, why and how to walk or bike in the area
  7. Maintain presence at events
  8. Organize walking (or biking) groups
  9. Offer tours, show people how to use trails, how to get to them




  1. Form alliance with health care community (Geisinger, Evan, etc)
  2. Establish a Safe Routes to School Program
  3. Monitor ped-signal function and report issues
  4. Reduce speed limit on Market west of 15


  1. Attend relevant public meetings: Borough Public Works, MPO, SGP/JGTA? County and Regional?
  2. Nominate person to serve on MPO board
  3. Reach out to School Board(s)
  4. Continue networking efforts
  5. Advocate with legislators



Priority ranking of intersections involving PennDoT

  1. Rail trail crossing
  2. 15/45
  3. 15/St Mary St
  4. Market St/Water St.
  5. 45/Fairground Rd.
  6. 45 and Fairfield Rd. – Bill suggested
  7. St Mary St/Fairground Rd. – substation is in EBT
  8. 15/192
  9. Rt 45 crosswalk by Linntown/Eichhorn
  10. River Rd/15
  11. 45/15th St
  12. Beagle club/15

Priority ranking of intersection that do not involve PennDot

  1. Stein Lane/Jefferson
  2. To and From 15/45 on EBT side, both north and south
  3. St. Mary/Reitz
  4. Rail Trail/ St John/5th
  5. St. Anthony/Water
  6. St. Mary crosswalks from Penn

Non-intersection issues

  1. Bridge at St Anthony/River Rd
  2. RR bridge over river
  3. Connections beyond the Borough north on Union County side of river
  4. Ped signal problems, design, function, etc.
  5. Connections beyond the Borough south on Union County side of river
  6. Better signage options for pedestrian zone
  7. Connect from Market St to Bucknell Campus to replace the RR bridge trespassing
  8. Traffic calming at the bridge
  9. Former south end of Water St
  10. Connection to Northumberland County
  11. Bike Sensors
  12. Creating a marked route along the river within and just beyond the Borough