Road Safety Run Down

Walk to School Day is coming up on Thursday, October 5. In preparation for the event, Buffalo Valley Regional Police Department Officer Brad Miller has prepared a Road Safety Presentation that will be offered at Linntown Elementary and Eichhorn Middle School the previous week. If you’d like to review what will be discussed with your family or your child will … [Read more...]

River Road Holiday

Ever heard of or attended an Open Street event?  They are also sometimes called Sunday Streets, or Ciclovia ("Cycle Way" in Spanish), or Road Holidays.  The basic idea is that a piece of everyday infrastructure focused on cars, i.e. a street or road, gets temporarily redefined as an exciting public amenity for people-powered activity, in other … [Read more...]

Louie B. Lite Says Vote for Road Safety!

The LNC applied for a $25,000 grant to the State Farm Neighborhood Assistance Program to support the Walk It! Bike It! and the Walk the Walk -- Drive the Drive Campaign. We submitted the following for review in June but we didn't make the cut to the final 200 for online voting.  We will try again next year!  Let us know if you have ideas to … [Read more...]

LASD Candidate Questions

To all Lewisburg Area School Board and Municipal Race Candidates,   Walk It! Bike It! Lewisburg wants to hear from you!  How would you respond to these questions? How can local students and/or residents benefit from a walkable and bikeable community? What steps would you take to help develop safe walking and biking routes to the new … [Read more...]

Bucknell Bike to Work Day 2017

We cruised through National Bike Month, also known as May, and now we're looking ahead to full on summer.  National Bike Month features all kinds of dates of note, like Bike to School Day and Bike Week and National Bike to Work Day.  This year, Walk It! Bike It! Lewisburg is working with Bucknell to promote Bike to Work Day on campus.  This is … [Read more...]

Bike Valet at the Arts Festival!

What do you think the best way to combine bikes and art is? Make art out of bicycle parts, like these fantastic Bike Emoji prints available on   Or make a bike out of art parts?  Check out this sketch by Caron and Pomerantz:   Walk It! Bike It! Lewisburg instead suggests you ride your bike to see art in downtown … [Read more...]

Bike to Work Day 2017

The weather has broken.  We're all heading outdoors as much as we can.  It's April now, and you know what next month is... National Bike Month!  (Also known as May.)  National Bike Month features all kinds of dates of note, like Bike to School Day and Bike Week and National Bike to Work Day.  It's time to ask yourself, is this … [Read more...]

Bike Commuting — Thataway

We prompted you recently to consider incorporating riding your bike into your daily routine. Making bike riding an option by thinking through the logistics is one way to reduce your dependence on automobile travel.  Not everyone lives in a spot that is bikeable, but even those who live too far from work to bike there might consider … [Read more...]

Cleanups Seek Participants

Please consider joining in with the first Community Cleanups of the year.  They are scheduled for Sunday, April 2, from noon to 2, and Friday, April 7, from 3 to 6pm.  We'll meet on the train platform on the back of the Borough Building. These events will be part of the Great American Cleanup which focuses on removing trash from public … [Read more...]

Road Holiday Raffle

How do you define a sweet ride or run? Top prize is $330 toward your pick of bikes at Earl’s Bicycle Store. It could be a cruiser, a kid’s bike, an adult trike, a fat bike (which is a technical description of a bike, not a judgment...), a trailer bike, or a performance bike. It could even be one of their used bikes. It’s up to you. Something for everyone, or … [Read more...]