Flood Impact Task Force

Flood Insurance Rate Change Information and Resources


  • River Gauge Data:  Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service from National Weather Service
  • Lewisburg RiverCam:  hourly stills of the view from the USGS river gauge
  • Flood readiness info from FEMA: emergency preparedness guidelines at ready.gov
  • FEMA online GIS map tool
  • Union County, click on Union County Flex Viewer for online GIS map tool
  • Lewisburg Borough Flood Information page (includes renderings of flood stage impacts at 2′ intervals),
  • FEMA.gov/cost-of-flood — page pertinent to NFIP status update letters sent in early 2017










  • 100yrfloodzone — map of borough showing all properties either in or touching the 100-year-floodplain, by property (more extensive than floodplain itself) (21M)
  • UpdatedFloodDepth — 2015 Bucknell Summer Intern detailed analysis of the floodplain, based on a three dimensional model of the floodplain using 2′ contour information available by LIDAR, and comparing that to the FEMA-mapped extents of the floodplain — blue areas may be at or even above the BFE — subject to some error, surveys/Certificates of Elevation for the given properties would be the only way to resolve
  • LOMAMap — 2015 Bucknell Summer Intern floodplain analysis — alternative format calling out the potential LOMA areas in pale yellow (in contrast to the rest of the floodplain in successively deeper blues)
  • BU summer intern poster final BU summer research preliminary poster
  • BU summer research preliminary poster